Saturday, November 16, 2013

mheller3000 - Server News:

Server News: 

The server has been updated to Minecraft 1.6.4.
Please update your mods and client to 1.6.4 to be at full compatibility with the new server version.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

Having a Blast

The Enterprise NCC-1701-D has finally had its open decks moved up and let me tell you it's been a wild ride so far. Within the first few days we were diving in and exploring the decks more thoroughly than had truly been done before, and already I was seeing problems.

Well, this post really sums it up I think (warning: lots of text, beware if allergic)

Suffice it to say that the change will be positive, it's just very daunting as it requires considerable work and some risk. Partly I'd like to pull the center piece of the ship out and make the change "globally" and then import the fixed section, but that will consume considerable resources to accomplish anyway and if the fix needs to be done, then it NEEDS to be done.

I'm in no rush.

Meanwhile the decks are already starting to be improved. Lots of work is going on to fill in the empty rooms and much of the decks (at least the lower ones) are filled with matter tankage and storage areas, so our work will be MUCH quicker on these decks, even considering the heavily quartered decks in some of the upper areas of the neck.

Patchy has promised to do some blogging here in the future, even perhaps reviving my CTO series. Goodness, we could make about 20 of those with all the cool stuff on the server in the last year alone... I hope he does. *poke poke* :D

If you're interested in joining Minetrek do please jump on the server! I haven't been annoyed by sheer numbers of new players in over a week, its a sign. Or maybe its a calm before a storm, I don't know, but hey, the more the merrier!

mheller3000 - Server News:

Server News:

Added some more ground in the far west section of the map using a new method that should take vastly less time to implement going forward and less downtime overall.

I also added two new scaled ships. I added a new hull scale and tweaked hull design for the Wells Class in the western area and also a new 29th century ship. The Mobius Class Temporal Cruiser/Destroyer/Explorer fully scaled next to the new wells class in the western areas.

Dynmap updating is forthcoming and work is continuing on the ENT-D as well and much much more to come, possibly even some surprising additions in the near future. Stay Tuned.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

mheller3000 - Server News:

Server News:

Progress on the Ent-D continues.

Decks 30 to 35 have officially been completed and closed up.

And decks 22-29 have been separated apart so that we can begin building out those decks.

Happy MineTrekking,


Monday, November 4, 2013

mheller3000 - Server News:

Server News:

After a long update regiment the server is back up and better than ever.

Here is a quick rundown of the highlights.

1. Enterprise-J Fully scaled imported into its own quadrant in the South-West part of the map.
2. Nebula, Akira, Dervish, Hermes and two new Atro Ships have been imported as well.
3. majority of grass ground covering has been converted to glowstone.
4. roads expanded in all four cardinal directions for future expansion.
5. numerous plugin updates hopefully will make the server run a bit better long term and also getting ready to update to 1.7.2 when ready.
6. updated dynmap and reconfigured it, I added a new zoom level so the entire map can be viewed at maximum zoom out and also added a new view to complement the SE 30 degree surface view with a SW 30 degree surface view so people can see the other side of the ships.
7. Cut the perception class in half for Atro so cleaning and build out can begin.
8. Also added some additional ship classes, Nelson Class, Vendetta Class, Kyoto Class ships

I hope everyone enjoys the updates and additions.

Happy MineTrekking,

Welcome Back MineTrek!

A short time ago we celebrated the 3 year anniversary of the beginning of the MineTrek project, and the Shipyards forum. Today we celebrate the beginnings of a new era for MineTrek...

In the above image (and indeed on the map itself @ you can see pretty clearly the massive ships dominating the lower left quadrant, the greatest of which is none other than the Enterprise J, imported thanks to the amazing work of our admin, mheller3000!

Off to the right you can see a huge assortment of various Romulan, Klingon, Cardassian, and even Ferengi vessels. Someone recently joked that the Ferengi vessels should be quite easy to build, since they're bound to be 95% cargo space! (See, I do it too, just like I said! I'm not clever...)

And if you have a particularly keen eye you'll notice that not all of these ships are from Star Trek! What? Say it isn't so! But indeed we have branched off to include vessels from Mass Effect, Macross, Halo, and others.

We've also seen some changes server side such as the addition of more ranks to allow a few more promotion opportunities. The server has been updated to 1.6.2 of course, and the plan is to update it to 1.7.2+ sometime in the next month or three. Meanwhile we've got resource packs (download the resource pack) to update and dozens of ships to build!

So how is the Enterprise D coming along, the blog has been away for a year so a lot has been left without coverage. I'll skip the details but the ship has been opened up into split decks to allow easy access and much faster work locating and building. Decks 42-34 are finished and 33-30 are nearly done, so we'll be moving upward into the neck of the ship soon. I know the neck area is quite thin so we'll probably finish it quite quickly if we focus (there are plenty of distractions of late!)

Sundays are now the official "Build the Enterprise NCC-1701-D" day of the week, and while its not a requirement, or even actively encouraged, I'd just like to see a little more love sent the old girl's way. If nothing else comes from it, I'll have guilted myself into building her on Sundays! :P

Check back soon, expect to see some new "Check This Out" episodes as well as some videos in the not too distant future! :D



Sunday, November 3, 2013

Revival of the Blog

This blog has been dormant for quite some time but its time to revive it. Over the next few weeks we will be posting a bunch of new information about the server to keep track of a lot of changes that have happened over the past several months and the things that will be happening in the future.

For now just know that while the server is in downtime it is only temporary. Some major edits had to happen and there was a power outage, but it will be back online!

- The server is now home to dozens of imported hulls from ships from all corners of the Star Trek universe, and some from outside it.
- The server is now running version 1.6.2 of Minecraft, so that is the one to connect with.
- The texture pack (resource pack now) has been updated quite a bit, be sure to grab it at
- The Enterprise D is almost finished with the current set of open decking, time to move up!